Nomads @ Hub Feenix


While staying with us, with no additional costs, you can use…

🫧 The laundry room
With washing machines and laundry detergent, iron and ironing board,
and basic cleaning detergents to keep your room and general spaces tidy.

🏋️ The gym
With parallettes, pull-up bars, TRX, weights, indoor bicycle
and other workout equipment available to use.

🧗 The indoor climbing wall

♨️ The wood fired sauna
It's usually heated once a week, and everyone staying or working at Hub Feenix is welcome to join.
We all wear swimsuits.
Sometimes, during summer, we move it to the lake!

🔥 The campfire place

The field
Right next to the Hub building,
where you can play the sport of your choice.

For a small fee or in exchange for your time, you can also have access to…

🛠️ The makerspace

It is getting bigger and better with time, but we already have enough space and materials to create many wonderful things!
Woodworking, 3D printing, sewing, metalworking, electronics, ceramics, voice recording: you pick!

To use these facilities for 3 hours, it’s either an exchange of 1 hour of your time for some practical work at the hub, or a fee of 5 to 10€/hour. Materials you need, such as wood, thread, clay and electronic parts have an additional cost. We make many basic ones available at cost price.

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