Nomads @ Hub Feenix

How to book?

Booking enquiry

Send us an enquiry about availability for the dates you prefer.
See prices and facilities on the accommodation page.
And tell us a little about who we will be living with for that time :-)

💳 What methods of payment are accepted?

A bill will be sent to you, and it needs to be paid by bank transfer 6 weeks before the stay. There is also a possibility to pay online, through our online shop.

💰 Is there a security deposit?

Yes there is. Everything will be discussed during the booking process.

🗓️ Is it possible to extend a stay?

It is possible, depending on availability, but it needs to be agreed together.

❌ What is the cancellation policy?

Before the payment, 6 weeks prior to the stay, you can cancel for free. After that, it's not possible anymore and you should refer to your travel insurance to cover the expenses if you get sick and can't come.