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Turku is the oldest city in Finland, and the former capital of the country. It has a long history, stretching back to the Middle Ages. The city of Turku was already born in the 13th century in the place where the river Aura runs to the sea. The word turku comes from tǔrgǔ, which means ”market place” in Ancient Russian and tori in Finnish. It is located in the region of Southwest Finland, and it is the capital of the Province of Western Finland.

How to go to Turku?

The train journey from Karjaa/Karis takes around 55 minutes and costs between 4 and 20€, depending on how long in advance you buy the ticket.
You can book here.

You can also rent the Hub Feenix's car, it's around one and half hour drive.

What to visit in Turku?



Turku Castle is a more than 700 years old historical monument. It's made with granite stone walls and it holds within them the history of Finland, Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Together with Turku Cathedral, the castle is one of the oldest buildings still in use and the largest surviving medieval building in the country.



It is the only medieval basilica in the country, and the Mother Church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The cathedral is located in the heart of Turku, next to the Old Great Square, by the river Aura. It was originally built out of wood in the late 13th century, and was the main cathedral of Finland in 1300, the seat of the Catholic bishop of Turku.


Turun Kauppahalli

The Turku Market Hall, in the centre of the city, was opened to the public in 1896, and it is the second oldest in Finland. The hall has been designed by Gustaf Nyström, an architect and professor, and the roof structure and the wooden parts of the shops along the corridors are original. The shops inside range from the oldest ones in Turku to brand new, and they mostly sell food.


River Aura

Located in the heart of Turku, the river offers nice views of the town: take a boat or walk alongside it and... Enjoy!
The water is brown and the total length of the river is about 70 km.


Art Museum

This is a great place if you like the fascinating world of art, from classics to the newest contemporary pieces. It is one of the leading art museums in Finland and inside you can find very various types of work and a coffee shop that offers one of the most fantastic views over the city.


Pharmacy Museum & Qwensel House

Don't miss the oldest wooden building in Turku where you'll discover the history of medicine, the 18th century gentry life and a beautiful courtyard, all in the center of town. Its Rococo and Gustavian interiors present the lifestyle of the well-to-do of that period. The pharmacy has a material room, a herb room, two laboratories and an office.


Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

This outdoor museum offers information and experiences about original pre-industrial times. You'll learn about the professions of the pre-industrial era, with many different handicraft workshops located in the village.


Forum Marinum Maritime Centre

At this lively and versatile centre for maritime activities, you'll find the National specialist museum for Maritime History, and the Finnish Navy Museum. A nice place to see great exhibitions and an interesting boat collection.


Waino Aaltonen Museum of Art

The place to visit if you like modern art. The permanent exhibition is based on the art collection of the City of Turku, which includes a large collection of works by Finnish artist and sculptor Wäinö Aaltonen. The temporary exhibitions focus on Finnish and international modern art.


Archipelago Trail

This unique patchwork of thousands of islands is one of the biggest archipelagos in the world. The trail allows travellers to access the archipelago without a boat of their own, you can ride a bicycle along the coast and admire the nature of Finland. Along the 250 km route, you'll encounter 12 bridges, 9 ferries and many idyllic Archipelago parishes.



The unique nature, culture and history of the fascinating island of Ruissalo is to be found flanking the Turku estuary. It is a very popular recreational area, and gives an important shelter to the rich flora and fauna species of the region. It is a great place for camping and enjoying the Finnish nature.

Where to eat & drink in Turku?


Via Tribunali

Neapolitan pizzeria nestled in a really nice rocky building. Offers a vegan option.


VG Wok

Vegetarian & vegan Thai and Vietnamese delicious food, for an affordable price.


Café Art

Offers great coffee and tea with sweets, in a chic Parisian atmosphere, next to the Aura river.



Fancy pizzas and starters, with vegan options, made with high quality & fresh ingredients.


Roots Kitchen

Fully vegan restaurant serving fresh food in the markethall. Menu changes daily, with gluten-free options, and it includes smoothies and fresh juices, raw cakes, in-house-made bread, various lunches, fair trade coffee and tea.


Turun Kirjakahvila

Volunteer-run co-op & book café located in the historical centre. Serves house-made vegan pastries, pies and snacks, and lunches during the week. The place hosts a variety of cultural and societal events, ranging from reading circles to band nights. Entrance is always free.


Kasvis Keidas

Friendly staff offering an affordable All you can eat buffet full of delicious food.


Kahvila Oksi

Cosy coffee shop where you can find creative, beautiful and flavourful food like pasta, waffles, cakes, veggie tarts, soups, and much more. The menu is inspired by the seasons and changes regularly.