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The place is surrounded by nature, perfect for walks through the woods and admiring the outstanding trees all around. Swimming in the nearby lake is a common activity, and during winter, ice skating and cross-country skiing are nice things to try.
Depending on the season, you can pick up berries (summer) and mushrooms (summer to mid-autumn).

You can book horse riding lessons on site (find more information here), or just pass by our stables to say hi to our furry friends: Lumi (Snow) and Tähti (Star), our two joyous sheep, and Valo, Nikke and Rico, the three horses.


The nearest town is Karjaa (Karis), 10 minutes away, where you can find shops, cafés and restaurants, banks, etc.
In Finland, flea markets are important and very common; there are some really good ones in Karjaa, for you to find some cheap treasures. Our favourites are Kaippari Loppis Kirppis, Sineaaria and Karjaan Antikvariaatti.
Pumpviksholmen is a nice little park to go to, if the weather is nice.

Green Mama’s is a great fully vegan restaurant for lunch or coffee break, and they even organize events in the evenings sometimes.


Visit Raseborg's municipality website to find out more things to do in the Uusimaa region.



If you like skiing, Finland's southernmost ski hill is 15 minutes away from the Hub.

All of the slopes are in the southwards direction, and there is a lift.

You can rent skiing and boarding equipment on site, and find a cafeteria directly below the hill.

Visit the website for more information.



Go to this creative village to shop a lot of beautiful local creations, visit the museum, take part in nature activities and discover their walking routes.

Different events are organized there throughout the year, they're advertised on the official website.



Discover the very rich industrial history of this charming village, the buildings from the 1700s, and the thriving old craftsmanship. You can also visit the Chocolate factory, where you can book a class to make your own chocolate (check their website for the details).

It's possible to rent e-fatbikes and kayaks, and you can also use the recreation route called Culture Path that goes from there to Karjaa, and the other one around.

Events are organized throughout the year, including the Billnäs Antique Days in July.



Spend time at this bucolic seaside town, full of wooden houses and populated by skilful crafts people. It's Finland's seventh oldest town and the first of the non-medieval towns.

Enjoy the sea views, the beautiful stone church, the charming old center, and Bio Forum, the oldest still functional cinema in Finland, founded in 1912. And if you like art and history, stop by the cultural quarter, where you'll find the museum Chappe, together with the Raseborg Museum and the Gallery Elverket (managed by the Pro Artibus Foundation).



Don't miss the southernmost tip of continental Finland by stopping by the port town of Hanko to enjoy the sandy beaches, water tower and beautiful wooden buildings.

It is the sunniest place in the country, making it perfect for a summer trip by the sea, enjoying the warm and salty air, and beautiful views. The shoreline, 130 km long, is made of fine sand and rocky coves. You can enjoy it in the town centre already, or find a quiet spot a little further away.

There are nice activities to do, museums to visit and interesting guided tours to go on.

Visit the Tourist office website



25 km away from Hanko, you'll find Bengtskär, a rocky island known for its lighthouse, the tallest in the Nordic countries and the Baltic’s most imposing! You can reach it by ferry from the village of Kasnäs.

Beautiful views and nature is waiting for you there, and the tower that rises 52 meters above the sea. If you want to reach the top, be ready, there are 252 steps and two ladders to conquer.

You can eat on site (under conditions, check their website), and get a guided tour of the place to know more about its interesting history.


From Karjaa, it's easy to take buses or trains to visit different places and cities, including Helsinki and Turku, both 1 hour away.

Espoo is also easily reachable, 1 hour drive or around 1h30 with public transportation. It’s just around 20 km west of Helsinki city center.


What to do in Espoo?

With its 165 islands and 45 km of waterfront walkway... there's a lot to explore in Finland's second most populous city! You can walk, rent a bike and use the public boats to get around. There are a lot of activities like kayaking (even during winter), Finland's first giant water park floating on the sea, and interesting museums like Leikki, out of the ordinary, dedicated to childhood, toys and play, and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art, that presents a cross-section of Finnish and international modernist art, contemporary art, and design.

Where to eat in Espoo?

Lunch at Anne's Vege where you'll find salads and mains that change every week, and for dinner, Mezza offers good Mediterranean food and pizzas.