Nomads @ Hub Feenix


Which languages are spoken?

We all speak English. Finnish is widely spoken among Hub Feenix’s residents and many other languages are used depending on who’s staying at that moment.

Is there Wi-Fi in the entire building?

Yes, the Wi-Fi covers the whole building and speed is 200 Mbps.

Is there a printer available?

Yes, you can print in the co-working space. If it’s not a lot, it’s free. If you need to print often, or a big pile of coloured prints, you need to pay a small fee.


How is the weather in Finland?

Finland has four seasons and each one is its own type of beauty.

Summer offers pleasant temperatures, never too hot, just around 25°C. After Midsummer's day,
the sun goes down at eleven, it never really gets dark.

Autumn is a gentle time, but sometimes a little too short.

Winter is a long and dark period, but also clear and pretty, perfect to slow down. It usually starts in November with varying amounts of snow, to the end of March, transforming the surroundings into a real wonderland. Sometimes it melts, but more often it doesn't. Temperatures can go below minus 15 or more sometimes, and we can have down to 5 hours of daylight and many days without sunlight. After New Year, days are slowly getting longer and more sunny. Then March gets warmer, leading to a lovely month of April.

Spring is really nice and brings back light and life!


The way warm clothing is achieved is with many layers. Ideally, wool against the skin. Long underwear, jumpers, fleece, thick down jacket. Warm boots, woollen socks, and a hat.

Light and sun:
Take advantage of the daylight outside, and the sun when it shows up, and trick your body with the bright lights we have inside. And take vitamin D.

What to do?
Enjoy the perks of winter by doing all the activities that you can only do during that season: skiing, swimming in the frozen lake, playing in the snow, walking on the lake, etc.

Is there a car park on site?

Yes, there are a few parking spots and you can leave your car for free.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?

Almost the entire building is, contact us prior to your stay to discuss this with us, so we can make your time here as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Are pets allowed on the premises?

No, pets aren’t allowed at Hub Feenix.


What is the cost of living in Finland?

Life in the big cities is more expensive than in the countryside. Living at Hub Feenix is definitely more affordable than staying in Helsinki. You have different supermarkets in the nearest town, including Lidl that offers cheaper products.

To give you an idea, in Karjaa, count up to 5€ for a coffee break, around 10€ for lunch, around 15€ for dinner and between 5 and 9€ for a drink at a bar.

The train to Helsinki can cost from 4€ to 15€, depending on how long in advance you book.

What is the guest policy?

You can have guests visiting you while you’re staying with us. The fee is 20€/night/guest.

What is the smoking policy?

Indoors, it is forbidden to smoke. There's only a specific place outside for smoking.

Are there specific house rules?

Yes, you need to read and accept our Code of conduct prior to your arrival. It includes the fact that vegetarian eating is compulsory. So no meat, fish or poultry is allowed inside the building. Cooking eggs is ok, except frying them, due to the smell.

What to bring:


Warm clothes

It can get pretty cold during winter, so make sure to come with several layers of clothes, preferably woollen.
Summer nights can be cool in Finland, so it's a good idea to have a warm pullover, woollen socks and sometimes hat and gloves can be useful too. We can also lend you some more warm clothes when needed!

winter swim


Don't forget a swimsuit for the sauna and to go swimming in the lake. If you can fit a bathrobe in your luggage, it's nice, to go to sauna, but totally optional (it might be possible to borrow one). It's also good to bring slippers or flip-flops for walking in the house and go to the sauna in the garden!


Your equipment and materials

We may have some materials for you to use or buy, and there are computers in the co-working space, but it's better if you have everything you need with you.

Where is Hub Feenix?

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